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pdhpe.net covers every dot point for Health Priorities in Australia, Factors Affecting Performance, Sports Medicine and Improving Performance for HSC PDHPE. pdhpe.net has study tips to help you succeed in your HSC, as well as a shop to purchase study notes and flashcards.

pdhpe.net is designed and developed by an experienced HSC PDHPE teacher for HSC PDHPE students. The tagging of the site is helping you succeed, which is the goal of pdhpe.net and the reason it is developed – to help HSC PDHPE students to succeed in HSC PDHPE. The goal is to become the most useful site on the web for HSC PDHPE students. pdhpe.net is being built in sections and currently includes:

PDHPE Core 1: Health Priorities in Australia

All the content for Health Priorities in Australia has been developed and is available online. This includes information covering every dot point!! Most text books do not do this. Often they only cover some of the priority population groups or preventable chronic disease. pdhpe.net is committed to providing comprehensive information for all dot points and maintaining the information to ensure it is up-to-date!! Not written in 2010 and never updated. This website will constantly be updated as publications are released concerning Australia’s health and welfare.

PDHPE Core 2: Factors Affecting Performance

All the content for this module has also been developed and is available online. Every dot point is covered to ensure you are given comprehensive information for your assessments and exams. pdhpe.net seeks to maintain this information as up-to-date as possible as new information is released.

PDHPE Option 3: Sports Medicine

Every dot point for Sports Medicine is covered and available online. pdhpe.net provides comprehensive coverage of this option to assist you to have a deep knowledge of the content. There is more detail here than most textbooks. This information is up-to-date and matches the Sports Medicine syllabus.

PDHPE Option 4: Improving Performance

pdhpe.net covers every dot point for Improving Performance. The content is presented in its entirety to ensure every dot point is covered and in good detail. This information is up-to-date and covers the entire Improving Performance syllabus.

HSC PDHPE Articles

pdhpe.net produces frequent articles which seeks to provide help for HSC PDHPE students as they prepare for exams or develop assessment tasks. The articles provide study tipsexamples and more. Mostly the pdhpe.net articles will focus on current affairs that can be used as examples in HSC PDHPE exams or assessment tasks.


pdhpe.net hosts a shop that provides some study tools. These tools and products will continue to develop and grow over time. We provide complete summaries of the 2 core modules (Health Priorities in Australia & Factors Affecting Performance). You can also buy ready made flashcards of this content for you to print and use.

Hopefully you all enjoy what is provided and continue to come back as pdhpe.net continues helping you succeed.