Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine is Option 3 and is concerned with prevention, assessment, management of and recovery from sports injury. In this module, you examine how the extent and intensity of sports participation relates to sports injuries. You also explore technical and scientific approaches for maintaining the wellbeing of athletes in Sports Medicine.

In this module you will learn to classify injuries as: soft, or hard, and direct, indirect, or overuse injuries. You will revisit First Aid from Prelim and look at the management of these injuries through RICER and immobilisation. You will also use your First Aid knowledge to consider how specific athlete considerations are managed, particularly the medical conditions for adult and aged, as well as children and young athletes.

Sports Medicine requires you to know how to avoid injury as well. This includes being physically prepared for performance, but also looks at sports policy and environmental considerations. Finally you will look at injury rehabilitation and how it is managed to determine when an athlete should return to play.

Sports Medicine has 5 critical questions: