Factors Affecting Performance

Factors Affecting Performance2016-02-27T15:03:07+10:00

Factors Affecting Performance explores the physical and psychological bases of performance. It critically analyses approaches to training, connecting the practical with the theoretical as you link physiological adaptations to training with types of training and the principles used to govern them. You also cover the energy systems and begin to understand how they influence choices of types of training and respond to this training to affect performance.

This module analyses skill development in terms of the various influences on its acquisition as well as the three stages an athlete may go through to master a particular skill. It looks at the learning environment, and how performance is evaluated both objectively and subjectively.

Factors Affecting Performance investigates the contributions of psychology to performance, with a focus on motivation, arousal and strategies used by athletes to improve their performance.

This module spends time covering nutrition and how it may affect performance, including supplementation and needs around and during competition. Factors Affecting Performance also covers recovery strategies, both physiological, neural and tissue damage strategies and their effect upon performance, through better recovery.

In this module, you investigate these critical questions: