Health Priorities in Australia

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Health Priorities in Australia examines Australia’s health care system and the health status of Australians, investigating, in depth, the current health priority issues for Australians. This module begins by introducing epidemiology ad its use to identify the priority issues for Australia’s health. This includes asking questions such as, what are the limitations of epidemiology and what role do the principals of social justice play.

Health priorities in Australia then moves onto the actual health priority issues in Australia. These include looking at groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, who suffer developing world health statistics, as well as major diseases or health conditions in Australia, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This module then seeks to examine the role of health care in achieving better health for Australians. This dot point covers information such as the range and types of health care facilities and services available in Australia. You are required to consider issues such as the equity of access to this health care as well as describing the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare. The rise of alternative and complementary medicine is also explored.

The final topic in Health Priorities in Australia looks at the application of the Ottawa Charter for health promotion in Australia. You will need to examine particular health promotion initiatives and relate them to the principals of social justice as well as the Ottawa Charter.

Health Priorities in Australia looks at four (4) critical questions:

Health Priorities in Australia looks at how health can be promoted by personal and community action and by policies and services at all levels of responsibility. The module introduces concepts of health inequities in Australia that are further explored in the options module Equity and Health.