Improving Performance

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Improving Performance is Option 4 in HSC PDHPE. This module is a great choice for HSC PDHPE because it expands on Core 2: Factors Affecting Performance. This module covers many aspects relevant for coaches, trainers, and other exercise specialists as they prepare and conduct training activities to improve performance.

In Improving Performance, you investigate the physiological preparation and skill development of athletes. You should experience and analyse a variety of training methods (strength, aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, plyometrics and skill training) and look at the application of these methods to performance. The effects of planning, including initial planning considerations, periodisation and designing a training session are examined in relation to performance. In addition to this, ethical considerations, including the use of drugs and technologies relating to improving athletes’ performance are also explored.

This module has three (3) critical questions, which you need to be able to answer:

These critical questions cover plenty of content, but the foundations for understanding this content and applying it have already been laid in Factors Affecting Performance. This module provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your performance as well as enabling you to apply the concepts to various coaching contexts with the focus on improving performance.