Preliminary PDHPE

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Preliminary PDHPE covers a wide range of content that should extend you beyond Years 7-10 PDHPE and overlap with some of PASS. In PDHPE you will always study 2 core modules or topics and 2 Options. The two core modules in Preliminary PDHPE are: The Body in Motion and Better Health for Individuals.

Better Health for Individuals

Better Health for Individuals looks at three critical questions that focus on: the meaning of health, the influences on health and strategies to promote health. This module links into Health Priorities in Australia for the HSC. Key content include:

  • risk and protective factors for health
  • the determinants of health
  • the social construct of health
  • The Ottawa Charter, and
  • Principles of social justice

These Preliminary PDHPE content link strongly across to the HSC,  particularly the last 2, which will become a strong focus in Health Priorities in Australia.

The Body in Motion

The Body in Motion has three critical questions as well, but these focus on: the body systems, the relationship between fitness, training and movement, as well as biomechanical principles. This module links into Factors Affecting Performance in the HSC. Key content includes:

  • the relationship between physical fitness and movement efficiency
  • designing training programs, and
  • the importance of training for sport specific performance

These preliminary PDHPE content link strongly across to the HSC.


The options covered in Preliminary PDHPE include:

  • First Aid
    • Assessment and management of first aid patients
    • management of major injuries and conditions
    • first aid considerations
  • Composition and Performance
    • elements of composition in different mediums
    • composing movement with elements
    • the role of appraisal
  • Fitness Choices
    • the meaning of exercise
    • ways people choose to exercise
    • influences on people’s choices
  • Outdoor Recreation
    • value of outdoor recreation
    • technical skills and understanding
    • group dynamics

Of the options for Preliminary PDHPE, First Aid links most strongly into the HSC, connecting well with Sports Medicine.

Now its time to get to work on Preliminary PDHPE.