Health care in Australia

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Health care in Australia provides a wide range of services from surgery to rehabilitation and from pre-natal to aged care. Australia’s government is largely responsible for the oversight of health care in Australia and aims to provide equity of access to these facilities and services. Australia has begun to increase their expenditure on early intervention and prevention, but still spend the large majority of funding in health care. Emerging treatments such as MRI and drug development impact health care by increasing cost and reducing access, while increasing health outcomes. While there are plenty of incentives to have private health insurance, Medicare still funds most Australians who use the health care system. Students learn about: Students learn to:
  • evaluate health care in Australia by investigating issues of access and adequacy in relation to social justice principles. Questions to explore include:
    • how equitable is the access and support for all sections of the community?
    • how much responsibility should the community assume for individual health problems?

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2011 Question 22 Identify FOUR different types of health facilities or services in Australia. 2 Marks 2012 Question 21 Describe the advantages of Medicare for Australian citizens. 3 Marks 2014 Questions 22 What are the responsibilities of each of the three levels of government for the delivery of health services in Australia? 4 Marks 2015 Question 21 What are the advantages to Australians of having a public health care system? 3 Marks 2015 Questions 24 To what extent is access to health care facilities and services equitable for all Australians? 8 Marks