Students Learn To

Students Learn To

Every module/topic in HSC PDHPE has a whole list of dot points under “students learn to”. These dot points should be used by you as you prepare for exams.

Many students focus on learning the content as they prepare for exams for HSC PDHPE, the “students learn about” dot points and spend little time worrying about the students learn to dot points. This is generally for good reason. It is hard to do things with your knowledge if you don’t know it yet. BUT it is vital that you move onto the student learn to dot points as soon as possible.

The learn about column in the syllabus provides you with the content you need to know, while the students learn to column tells you what you need to be able to do with that content. What this means is: Your exam questions will follow the students learn to column.

Let me show you:

For Core 1 Health Priorities in Australia, the first critical question looks at How are priority issues for Australia’s health identified? and the learn to dot point says:

  • critique the use of epidemiology to describe health status by considering questions such as:
    • what can epidemiology tell us?
    • who uses these measures?
    • do they measure everything about health status?

So to fully prepare yourself for the exam, you should not just learn about the content (measuring health status), but also answer the three questions above, as they are what you are more likely to be asked in an exam.

Now, this does not mean that you neglect to learn about the content. You need to know the content, but if you can apply the content in the way that the syllabus wants you to apply it you will do better! So, as you prepare for your exams, you should be using your learn to column as though they are questions and writing out practice responses to these. DON’T spend all your time on the learn abouts, give plenty of attention to the learn tos it will help you succeed.

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