Adult and Aged Athletes

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Adult and aged athletes is the second dot point belonging to How does sports medicine address the demands of specific athletes? Adult and aged athletes are not the same group of people, though the aged are still adults, the aged are usually associated with the elderly, while adult athletes are those who are no longer young athletes, usually 21+.

This dot point requires you to understand the different types of medical conditions listed and how they impact sport availability for adult and aged athletes. This includes a range of heart conditions, how they impact the athlete and limit their choice of sport. The same goes for bone density, which leads to fractures and how a decrease in flexibility or joint mobility also affects sport choice.

It is worth noting that you need to relate the content here back to the critical question and explain how sports medicine addresses these demands in order to provide some sports choices for these athletes. Sports participation options are also specific to the medical condition listed and should be presented with each condition for adult and aged athletes.

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • Explain the sports participation options available for aged people with medical conditions

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

Since 2010 and the update to the HSC PDHPE syllabus there has only been one question used in the HSC exam for this dot point.

2012 Question 31

(b) How are the needs of adult and aged athletes with medical conditions addressed to enable their continued participation in sport? 12 Marks