Characteristics of the learner

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The characteristics of the learner are as varied as any personal characteristics, but he HSC PDHPE syllabus has specified five (5) that you should understand well. These characteristics of a person affect their capacity to and speed at which they learn a new skill. The characteristics can include personality traits, such as a willingness to learn and accept criticism. They also include hereditary factors, such as your height or body type. Confidence levels will also affect the rate at which a new skill is learnt. An athlete should not be over-confident, but neither should they lack confidence as both are detrimental to skill learning. Other characteristics of the learner such as their prior experiences and natural ability will also affect skill learning. An athlete with positive experiences in learning skills, especially similar skills will learn new skills faster. As will an athlete who has great natural ability such as the person who naturally has good hand eye co-ordination. Students learn about: Students learn to:
  • Describe how the characteristics of the learner can influence skill acquisition and the performance of skills

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2012 Question 25 Outline the influence of prior experience on skill acquisition. 3 Marks 2013 Question 26 Describe THREE characteristics of a learner that can influence his/her ability to learn a new skill. 4 Marks