An athlete’s ability refers to the ease of performing movements and performances. It is often known as talent or faculty and is characterised by fluid movements and accurate execution of the skill. It refers to the athlete’s competency in a particular skill, a particular sport, or even exercise in general. It is their power or capacity to do well in a particular area.

Ability is used to describe people who are skilled in various areas, from sports, to the arts, to mathematics. A person can have a great ability in many things. Most often the term is used to refer to the person’s natural talent.

Athlete’s with greater abilities learn and process new skills faster than athlete’s with lower abilities. They often will reach the higher levels of skill acquisition faster and for a wide variety of skills that are related to each other.

Ability is often a combination of characteristics in the athlete.  This includes perception or the capacity to read a game, sport or competition. Allowing the athlete to view things before they happen increases their skill performance by providing more time to execute the skill. It also includes reaction time, and intelligence. Smarter athlete’s will often learn a skill faster as they process information provided from eh coach and adapt accordingly. Athlete’s with a sense of acuity or sharpness also have greater ability as they refine the skill more thoroughly than those without this characteristic. These help the athlete readily execute the skill as required and result in them having great ability.