How does training affect performance?

How does training affect performance?2016-03-10T06:12:38+10:00

How does training affect performance? assesses the use of the principles of training upon the various training types and methods to produce a physiological adaptation that helps to improve energy systems and impacts performance.

Energy systems need to be covered first in order to understand everything else covered under How does training affect performance? Once the foundation is laid with energy systems, then the types of training begin to make sense, with many types of training matching with particular energy systems.

The principles of training are then added to this, to help you understand how the types of training and their methods are modified and adapted to ensure they are producing the physiological adaptations wanted. This of course leads us naturally to looking at the physiological adaptations to training, which are the changes your body make to the tress of training, in order to make training workloads easier next time. These adaptations are always specific and so flow back through the content covered in How does training affect performance?

This knowledge is quite complex, but when understood enables the trainer to develop training programs that achieve set goals and help improve the selected areas of performance. The syllabus dots points are: