Responsibility for health promotion

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Responsibility for health promotion falls not just to the individual, but to communities, governments, and international organisations, each with their own responsibility for health promotion. Every individual, group, organisation or government has a responsibility for health promotion and plays a particular role that others cannot. This is because health has such a vast array of health determinants and as such in order to improve health outcomes the many determinants need to be addressed, which requires people working together and taking responsibility for health promotion.

The Preliminary PDHPE syllabus states:

Students learn about:

  • responsibility for health promotion
    • individuals
    • community groups/schools
    • non-government organisations
    • government
    • international organisations, eg WHO, United Nations

Students learn to:

  • describe the various health promotion roles and responsibilities adopted by individuals, groups and governments

For “responsibility for health promotion” it is important that you understand the particular roles individuals, groups, organisations and government play in promoting health. Individuals are not just responsible for their own health, but are also responsible for promoting the health of others especially when working in the health sector (e.g. nurse or naturopath). There are many various community groups that promote health, these include schools, religious groups, AA groups, and pre-natal groups.

Non-government organisations include the vast array of organisations often focusing on  particular chronic disease, such as: the Cancer Council, or Heart Foundation. The government is also responsible for health promotion, from council regulations and WHS, to national policies and data analysis. The Australian government often uses and interacts with international organisations, particularly the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO are responsible for health promotion on a global scale. WHO assess global issues around health and provide guidance for health around the world. Many nations will utilise the guidelines or recommendations of WHO in their health promotion.

For an example of how the national health care works collaborative, work through the image below, or download the Interactive Flow Chart for CVD.

example responsibility for health promotion

Flow chart for CVD [1]

Practice questions

Describe community groups responsibility for health promotion. 4 marks

Describe the roles and responsibilities of international organisations and their influence on Government health promotion. 6 marks

Outline how individuals are responsible for health promotion and what roles that can fill. 5 marks