Use of Technology – GPS Devises

Use of Technology – GPS Devises

Improving Performance requires you to look at the use of technology to improve performance as an ethical consideration. GPS devises are used expensively as a piece of technology that can improve performance.

GPS devises provide trainers and coaches with objective data to help analyse an athlete’s performance both during training and during competition. GPS devises provide a range of information that is helpful, including:

  • distance covered
  • average speed
  • intensity variations
  • acceleration etc

Coaches and trainers use the data collected from GPS technology to then adjust their training and reflect on performance. Training can be better designed to simulate game like conditions, so that physiological adaptations are achieved that are needed for the sport. Better training and better adaptations then result in improved performance.

Currently there are many clubs that use GPS technology in their assessment of athletes. This includes: Seattle (NFL), Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, Manly Sea Eagles, Penrith Panthers, Sydney Roosters, most AFL clubs, Melbourne Victory, and both Australian and New Zealand Rugby Union sides.

The use of this GPS technology provides these teams with an advantage that others may not have. GPS technology can range in price, often depending on what they measure in addition to GPS data, such as Heart Rate and Metabolic Output. If one team does not use GPS technology then they can be at a disadvantage.

Is the use of this technology and the advantaged gained from GPS devices unethical? I don’t think so. At the elite level GPS devices are not expensive compared to many other costs incurred by clubs. Simple and cheaper systems can be bought and do provide much of the information used by trainers for athletes. At the lower levels, it may provide an unfair advantage if an individual athlete cannot afford to use GPS technology, but where do we draw the line for ethical and unethical advantages?

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