The 3-in-24 Principle

The 3-in-24 Principle

The 3-in-24 principle is a study method that enhances your ability to recall information that you just learnt. The basic idea of this principle is that you revise newly learnt content 3 times in 24 hours. If you apply this 3-in-24 principle you will hugely increase your ability to recall information that you just learnt 2 weeks down the track. 

The trick to this principle is that you need to do it on the day that you first learn the new content. For example, let’s say that you were learning the types of training and training methods today in class. This would be the first time that you went over this content, you have 2 more to go in the next 24 hours. If you were to apply the 3-in-24 principle, you would then revise this content later that afternoon or at night time before you go to bed. You could do this simply by going over the flashcard or creating a mind-map and putting it up on your wall. This is now the second time that you have looked at this content in 24 hours, you only have 1 more revision to go in order to greatly enhance your memory of the content.

Now, there is one more important trick to this study principle and that is this, you MUST sleep in-between the second and third time that you study this content. So, now that you have made you mind-map, stuck it on your wall and read over it you need to go to bed and have a good sleep.

The third and final time that you study types of training and training methods is then in the morning when you wake up before you go to school. You might go and test yourself to see if you can remember your mind-map or test yourself using the flashcards. Either way, you need to do some sort of revision where you are not just reading what is in front of you, you need to be testing your memory recall of the information. 

Once you get it right, you are all set. Your brain is now going to remember more of this information than it would if you spent hours studying the night before an exam or even if you ignored it in class and then studied it 1 and 2 weeks later. 

Now, don’t be fooled! I am NOT saying you then don’t need to revise it again ever. You should still apply some spaced repetition to your revision, BUT you will have already done most of the learning and remembering. You will have already put the majority of this information into your long-term memory for easy recall, and the more you recall it, the easier it will be to remember come exam day.

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