Study Tips for Success in HSC PDHPE

Study Tips for Success in HSC PDHPE

There is plenty of information out there providing study tips for success in HSC PDHPE. This post reviews the advice from Isabella Khoudair, who came first in HSC PDHPE, 2014.

Study Tip 1 – GOAL!

Isabella says is that she really wanted to do Physiotherapy. This is our first study tip for success in HSC PDHPE – SET A GOAL! Even if it is only a small goal, have a goal for what you want to achieve by the end of your HSC PDHPE. Whether it is getting into your dream university course, or just getting an ATAR better than your older brother. A goal will help you to stay focused throughout the year.

Study Tip 2 – “Stay on top of notes”

Isabella also tells her listeners to “stay on top of your notes”. This is possibly the best study tip for success in HSC PDHPE. You should always stay on top of your notes and summaries. Isabella went home each day and wrote up her notes/summaries for the day. If you want tips for how to write summaries click here. This focused study helped her to ensure she did not have to rush before exams, providing plenty of time for tip number 3 for success.

Study Tip 3 – Practice Questions

I know I said staying on top of notes was the best study tip for success in HSC PDHPE, but those notes are much more useful when they make way for practice HSC PDHPE exam questions. Doing past papers, doing exam style questions from the text book, completing practice questions from your teacher, or simply using the critical questions in the syllabus. The more practice questions you do, the better you will do in your HSC PDHPE exams.

It is important to note that Isabella then submitted her practice questions to her teacher, got feedback and then IMPROVED HER ANSWER. The most important part to this study tip for success in HSC PDHPE is to get feedback on you practice questions, read this feedback and then improve your response so that you are getting full marks for every questions. I guarantee it!! – the more you do this study tip of success in HSC PDHPE, the more you will succeed!!! For more on practice questions click here.

Study Tip 4 – Schedules

I know it sounds boring, but scheduling your study and recreation is a great help for success in HSC PDHPE. So my tip is that you put in your sport and social life and then slot in as much study as you can around this. I know it seems menial, but if you plan to study and get parents, friends or teachers to hold you accountable, you will study well and get plenty of fun done at the same time. Isabella says that she trained every night, studied every day, went out on weekends, but also studied during the day. You can have it all! Fit in your study, keep it regular and it will benefit you, not just in HSC PDHPE, but in life.

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