Study for the less motivated

Study for the less motivated

With only 3 weeks to go until the HSC PDHPE Final Exam I thought I would write an article for the less motivated. So, what study tip do I have for you… well, firstly here is a DO NOT… Do not start reading textbooks or my website thinking you will remember it… you won’t. Reading over notes or through text books is possibly the worst study method anyone has ever used.

What I do recommend is that you do one of the following 2 options to improve your return on study time.

1. Answer exam questions as you write your summaries

This willessentially kill 2 birds with 1 stone and you will remember much more of your summaries if you apply them straight away to a practice question. An easy way to do this is to watch my Flipped Videos (either on YouTube or embedded in my site) with the syllabus open next to you. Take notes, but only around the syllabus points. Then, on my website, each dot point page has a list of practice questions at the bottom. Complete at least 1 of these and check it against a sample answer, either provided by NESA or if the question is blue, click the link and work through my sample answer on the site.

2. Get some flashcards

As an alternative to the above, I would recommend either writing your own flashcards, or purchasing a set from me here. You should then go over them twice a day (which at the start will take a while, but as you get to know the cards time will shorten). Remember to make sure you split your pile into the cards you know and those you don’t know. Flashcards are a test in themselves, so it will reduce your need to do practice questions, but doing some will always help.

Well… since this is for those of you who have been a bit slack in your study, it is a short article. Now go and get started… DO NOT wait until tomorrow.

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