Student Study Resources

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Student Study Package

This includes my summaries and flashcards for:

  • Health Priorities in Australia
  • Factors Affecting Performance
  • Improving Performance
  • Sports Medicine

They are provided as a downloadable zip file with pdf documents for you to print.

What previous students say

"I have never felt so confident walking out of an exam! I had the flash cards visualised in my head the entire exam! 100% recommend to any HSC student wanting success!"

Effective Learning eBook

This eBook provides you with 12 strategies you can use to improve the effectiveness of your study. Learn how to best prepare for your exams, as well as ensure that you are getting the most out of your lessons. This book covers everything from eating the right foods, using flashcards and answering past exam questions.

This eBook is a downloadable pdf document.

Audio Files

These audio files are the sound from my videos explaining the content that can be found on YouTube. These files are sold for you to be able to put onto your phone and listen to on the go.

They come as a downloadable zip file with each audio file provided as a M4A file suitable for iPhones and other devices.