Sports Policy and the Sports Environment

Sports Policy and the Sports Environment2018-10-19T09:46:37+10:00

Sports policy and the sports environment is the second dot point for What role do preventative actions play in enhancing the wellbeing of the athlete? It asks you to understand the rules and policies that govern sports participation and the need to ensure the facilities and grounds are safe. You will look at why there are rules for sport, how these are modified for children, and debate how to best match opponents. You will also be asked to know why we use protective equipment and the importance of maintaining: grounds, equipment and facilities to promote athlete wellbeing.

The learn to tells us that you need to be able to critically analyse this information to determine if sports policy and the sports environment do, and if so how much, promote the safety and the wellbeing of the athlete.

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • critically analyse sports policies, rules and equipment to determine the degree to which they promote safe participation, eg heat rules, rugby union scrum rules.

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2010 Question 29

(b) Evaluate how sports policy and the sport environment promote safe participation. 
12 Marks

2015 Question 31

(b) To what extent do specific sports’ policies promote safe participation? 12 Marks