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When people think of physical preparation for sport, they normally think of a warm-up. However, this dot point covers more than this. It looks at whether the body is physically prepared for particular sports competitions and levels. This includes the pre-screening of would be athletes to ensure they do not have any health or medical conditions that need to be catered for in a training program.

Physical preparation also refers to the athlete’s skill execution and technique. Can the athlete complete the skill correctly and repeatedly? Poor technique leads to injury and needs to be corrected in order for the athlete to be prepared for training or competition. It is also important to examine the physical fitness levels required for the competition and training schedule. Athlete’s should have the right fitness levels (both health related and skill related components should be considered) for their particular sport and performance level.

This is not to say that physical preparation does not include the warm up, stretching and cool down, it is just not limited to it.

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • analyse different sports in order to determine priority preventative strategies and how adequate preparation may prevent injuries

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2012 Question 31

(a) Explain the physical preparation needed by an athlete in order to prevent injury. In your answer, provide examples from different sports. 8 Marks