Rehabilitation Procedures

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Rehabilitation procedures are the procedures used by sports physiotherapists and exercise physiologists in the care and management of sports injuries. Progressive mobilisation is the gradual increase in pain free joint range of motion, while graduated exercise, refers to the gradual increase in exercise intensity and the forces going through the injury area.

During rehabilitation, procedures help to ensure the athlete does not lose all fitness via the reversibility affect. Instead some form of training will still be prescribed and monitored if at all possible.

The procedures for rehabilitation will also use heat and cold in the treatment of the injury. Heat is used to increase flood flow and elasticity of the joint, while cold is used to decrease blood flow and inflammation around the injury.

Finally, you are asked to examine and justify the rehabilitation procedures for specific injuries. We will look at hamstring strains and shoulder dislocations.

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Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2014 Question 31

(b)  Justify the rehabilitation procedures used to manage specific sporting injuries. 12 Marks