Develop and Justify a Periodisation Chart

Develop and Justify a Periodisation Chart2018-10-20T10:44:01+10:00

When planning a training year in HSC PDHPE you are required to develop and justify a periodisation chart of the fitness and skill-specific requirements of a particular sport. The above image is a periodisation chart developed for football (soccer).

The periodisation chart developed has specific components of fitness, both skill and health related, and identifies when each component is developed, maintained or rested. The chart focuses on the key components most relevant to football. These include the basics needed for most sports such as: strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, and muscular endurance. These are used frequently in football as it is a sport that goes for 90 min, requiring good cardiorespiratory endurance, and involves the player shielding the ball and tackling each other requiring strength etc.

Develop and justify a periodisation chart microcycle

Develop and justify a periodisation chart – Microcycle

The more specific components relevant for football include: speed, agility and power (this chart also has a section for focusing on skills within the sport, e.g. shooting, passing etc). Speed is needed in football to get to the ball first or to pass opposition. Agility is needed to change directions frequently to avoid opposing players. Power is required for long passes, clearances, shooting and taking off for sprints.

In addition to the macrocycle above, a microcycle has also been planned out in a table. This is how the developed periodisation chart is broken down into weekly chunks that focus on the relevant fitness components as they are developed.

Note in the chart that the rest periods are highlighted showing how this developed periodisation chart avoids overtraining.