Initial Planning Considerations

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The initial planning considerations for improving performance focus on the specific sport of the athlete/s. The sport is broken down in order to identify specific components of fitness that are more fundamental to the particular sport. These components of fitness then become the focus for planning training programs as they must be developed in both the individual and the team. Some sports have different positions, with different fitness requirements, thus a focus on the individual is also needed. Furthermore, sports and positions within them have specific performance requirements, and some have specific skill sets that need to be developed. For example, in netball a goal defender does not need to be a great shooter.

In addition to the performance and fitness needs the type of competition needs to be analysed. Some sports have a six (6) month period of competition, followed by an off season (e.g. cricket), while other sports have a small number of major competitions at various times and locations throughout the year (e.g. tennis). The schedule of events/competition needs to be examines in the initial planning considerations for improved performance.

Finally the climate and season the competitions will be played in or on should be considered. Cricket is a summer sport and is played for long periods of time in the heat, while AFL is a winter sport. These sports have different planning considerations simply because of the weather, not just because they are different sports.

It is important to note that the learn to focuses on the differences in initial planning considerations for elite athletes and recreational/amateur participants. As the content is discussed in detail, these differences will be highlighted.

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • describe the specific considerations of planning for performance in events/competitions. How would this planning differ for elite athletes and recreational/amateur participants?

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2011 Question 30

(a) (i) Outline the initial planning considerations for individual athletes looking to improve their performance. 3 Marks 

2015 Question 32

(a)  How does planning for performance differ for elite and amateur athletes? 8 Marks