Evaluation of the training session must happen at the end of the training session. During this time the coach should re-address the goals or aims of the training session that were discussed in the overview of the session.

Athletes should be given a chance to provide feedback to the coach on the training session, as well as the coach providing feedback to the athletes. During the evaluation the athlete’s feedback should be welcomed, and if needed have follow up for the next training session.

An evaluation of a training session will also include some planning for the next session and checking in with the athletes. It is a time to review the training session, but also to have further discussions with individual or groups of athletes who need further attention, or further instructions.

After the training session has completed, further evaluation should occur. This is completed by the coach and training staff in order to determine if the session was effective in achieving the desired goals and to plan for the next training session. This review is more formal, and may also include the team captain or the athlete if it was an individual session.

The key point to the evaluation is that it focuses on the achievement of goals, and if further actions are needed in order to achieve them.