Continuous Uniform

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Continuous uniform training is aerobic training that involves a single exercise that goes for an extended period of time without rest. This is the most common form of aerobic training and one that many people participate in, particularly for health benefits.

aerobic training zoneContinuous or uniform training requires the heart rate to move into the aerobic training zone and this heart rate be maintained for a minimum of 20 minutes. The aerobic training zone is between 65-85% maximum heart rate, though this varies depending on the individual. Often elite athletes will perform high intensity continuous training, where they train just below the lactate inflection point or lactate threshold. This allows for greater physiological adaptations to occur as a result of the training.

Continuous training is most beneficial for sports that have continuous aerobic movements. These sports include: marathons, cycling, swimming and skiing. Often, continuous training is used in other sports, such as football, or AFL as a form of aerobic training, but it is usually not the only form of aerobic training used.

This type of aerobic training improves an athlete’s oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity, and is particularly useful for sports where repetitious movements are conducted over extended periods of time.

However, continuous training can become boring as the athlete constantly performs the same exercise over and over for extended periods of time. It is good therefore, to break it up and do various forms of aerobic training to improve performance. Continuous training is also covered for Factors Affecting Performance, how does training affect performance?, types of training and training methods, aerobic training.