Improve your writing

Improve your writing

In HSC PDHPE it is vital that you ensure your extended, and even the longer short answer responses are well written and address the question. This article provides a couple of tips to help you improve your writing in exams.

Firstly, you should make sure you get straight into the answer. There is no need in PDHPE for an introduction or a restating of the question. This is not English, you’re not writing an essay, you are answering a question, so get to the point quickly, you don’t have time to write information already provided in the question.

As an extension of this first point you should also know that there is no need to define everything. This does not mean that a definition may not be helpful, but if the definition can be seen in what you write then you don’t need to explicitly state the definition, the marker just needs to see that you understand the concept.

Thirdly, you need to practice being efficient with your words. Every word in your answer should have a purpose. It is better to have a really well written shorter answer that gets to the point and answers the question, than to have a longer answer filled with content or fluff that does not answer the question or is not adding anything that you have not said already. So, save your words, and be efficient. A good way to achieve this is to start with a plan and not go beyond around 2 lines per mark allocated. It will help you refine your answer so every word counts.

Finally, make sure you use SPECIFIC examples when you provide them. General examples like “this helps improve performance in rugby” are ok but for top marks you need to give more detail that links the example to the question and helps to answer it. Specific means “this will increase the front rowers power to help ensure he breaks through tackles and can provide an offload.” Note how a specific sport and a specific situation are mentioned along with a specific improvement and result in the performance.

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