How to improve your writing

How to improve your writing

One of the keys to success in HSC PDHPE exams is to improve your writing so that your extended response can be written faster, but have a better quality of content. This article will outline 5 strategies that you should employ to help improve your writing for extended response questions.

1-Think about it

The first thing you should do before you start to write your answer is to think about the question and how it relates to the content. Maybe make a small mindmap, or jot down the key points in the content that you need to make sure you cover. I would also recommend you focus on what you need to do to answer the question. What is the keyword or directive verb that you need to pay attention to? Allow this to guide what you are going to write.

2-Write your first answer

Second, you want to write a draft first answer to the question. This is not going to be perfect, but it will get you started on your answer to the question. You should make sure you use paragraphs for each new topic and ensure that your paragraphs flow well together and link back to the question and the directive verb/key term.


Go over your answer and start to take out bits that are not needed, and add pieces of information that will make it better. Write notes on the side. You are essentially giving yourself feedback for the final step. You should identify sections where what you say is repetitive and seek to join them together, or remove one completely. Look for information that you have included that is not needed, and information you have left out that is needed.


The final step is to re-write your answer using your draft and the feedback you have written on it. The result should be well structured, non-repetitive, and cover everything it needs to. You should not just write for yourself though. You should write for a public audience. At the very least, share your answer with your teacher, friends, or classmates. But, a better audience can be found easily online. Share it in a Facebook group, or send it to me. Who knows, I may even publish it on the site for others to use as an example. One of the best things you can do is write for a real audience. It will improve the quality of your writing.

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