How health promotion based on the Ottawa Charter promotes social justice

How health promotion based on the Ottawa Charter promotes social justice2017-08-24T14:04:42+10:00

How health promotion based on the ottawa charter promotes social justice requires you to identify connections between the five (5) action areas and the principles of social justice covered in Preliminary PDHPE. WHO state that health promotion should advocate, enable, and mediate. That is, health promotion should seek to make political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, behavioural and biological factors promote health, through advocating for health.

Health promotion aims to reduce inequities in health status, ensuring equal opportunities and resources for health. This enables people to achieve the best health possible as they have a supportive environment, access to information, life skills and opportunities for making healthy choices. The health sector cannot achieve health alone and must work with others who mediate for health. This includes, professional and social groups and health personnel mediating between differing interests in society for the pursuit of health.

This is how health promotion based on the ottawa charter promotes social justice principles. The table below will also assist in this analysis.

Investigate the principles of social justice under the action areas of the Ottawa Charter




Supportive Environments

Build healthy public policy

Public policy is designed with the aim of producing equity in health status. Eg) Medicare provides access to health services for socioeconomically disadvantaged people Public policy accounts for the diversity of our population, seeking to provide for all people groups. Eg) The ‘close the gap’ initiative aims to remove the health inequity for ATSI people in 1 generation. Policy should aim to produce an environment that supports healthy choices. Eg) no smoking in pubs and clubs

Create supportive environments for health

An environment is not supportive if it does not seek to provide equity. Eg) increasing access to health facilities for rural and remote people. In order to be supportive, the environment must also cater for the diversity of the people in that environment. Eg) providing translators for specific groups in specific community health centres/hospitals etc Creating environments that encourage healthy choices is vital in health promotion. Eg) ensuring good parks for outdoor activities

Strengthen community action for health

Equity both with and between communities is important in health promotion. Communities of people suffering inequity in health need to be utilised and empowered in order to improve their health. Eg) ATSI involved in the development and implementation of health promotion for ATSI. Each community has its own diversity and needs to be consulted in health promotion. Eg) large Jewish population in Bondi, Lebanese in Bankstown etc should be empowered in relation to health promotion initiative specific for them. Communities that become empowered need an environment that supports their healthy choices. This requires access and availability of services and facilities. Eg) bushwalks being maintained in the blue mountains to encourage locals to walk

Develop personal skills

All people should have access to education and skill development regardless of socioeconomic, sociocultural and environmental determinants. Eg) PDHPE Programs should be personalised to cater for the diversity in our population (ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic etc). Eg) health pamphlets in multiple languages utilising images People share their skills and knowledge within their environment making it more supportive.Eg) parents educate and model for their children, who do the same in their peer groups

Re-orient health services

Health services must address the inequities in health. Eg) mental health promotion and services in rural and remote locations Health services must meet the diverse needs of the communities they are in. Eg) promoting balanced diet amongst ATSI people Health services must help provide a supportive environment. Eg) Multi Purpose Service Program for rural and remote people

This is how health promotion based on the ottawa charter promotes social justice principles.


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