Identifying Priority Health Issues

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Identifying priority health issues requires the government to use more that just epidemiology and statistics. The government uses the principles of social justice, considers the costs of the issue for individuals and the community, as well as the prevalence of the condition and potential for prevention or early intervention that will reduce the impact or occurrences of the issue.

The government also considers particular population groups that may need to be prioritised because of gaps in quality of health. It is important to prioritise health issues and population groups as this ensures the most productive use of resources as the resources can make a difference, reduce costs to individuals and the community, reduce the prevalence by reducing the incidence of disease, and help particular population groups, while being equitable in the process by utilising the social justice principals.

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Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2013 Question 23

Why is it important to prioritise particular health issues in Australia? Include examples in your answer. 5 marks

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Why is it important for governments to prioritise health issues? 5 Marks