Flashcards are self-testing

Flashcards are self-testing

One of the reasons I so highly recommend flashcards to my students is because flashcards are self-testing. What I mean by this, is that, when used correctly, flashcards are essentially a method to continually test your brains ability to recall information. This recall of information is exactly what you are required to do in your tests.

The way to use your flashcards in order to best improve your recall is: to use them frequently, shuffle them regularly, and much more. BUT most importantly it is to ensure you are doing your best to recall the information before you turn the cards over.

So many times I see students simply read through the cards like they were a summary. But this is not the purpose of creating flashcards. If you want to read through them, save yourself the time and just write summaries. Flashcards are self-testing. They allow you to read the syllabus dot point/dash point and check to see if you can recall the content. Once you have recalled all you can, then turn it over to provide yourself with instant feedback. If you got it, well done, if not, then add it to the pile that you will go through again soon (same day).

Importantly, I also recommend that you do your flashcards in both directions. That is, you should work through them with the syllabus given to you, and then work through them again with the content given and you have to recall the syllabus (normally this is the easier method, so do this first then with the syllabus facing you).

Flashcards are a must!! I used them for every subject when I went through school and they greatly improved my result. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The fact that flashcards are self-testing means that they are a great way to learn. Remember, testing yourself frequently, with fast feedback is possibly the best way for anyone to develop knowledge.

So, now, get to it. Create your own flashcards, or purchase mine below.

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