The learning environment

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The learning environment affects the acquisition of the skill. The learning environment is not so much the natural environment in which the skill is learnt, but refers to the variables around skill acquisition, many of which can be managed or adapted by the coach to ensure the skill is acquired quickly and to a high degree.

The learning environment refers to the nature of the skill and whether it is an open or closed skill, gross or fine skill, discrete, serial or continuous skill and if it is self-paced or externally paced. The nature of the skill affects how the skill should be taught and and which practice method is best suited to the skill.

The performance elements will also influence skill acquisition and are part of the environment in which skills are learnt. These performance elements are essentially skills themselves, but are more skills of the mind then of the physical sense. Finally, the nature of feedback, including the speed at which it is given are part of this learning environment.

Students learn about:

  • The learning environment
    • nature of the skill (open, closed, gross, fine, discrete, serial, continuous, self-paced, externally paced)
    • the performance elements (decision-making, strategic and tactical development)
    • practice method (massed, distributed, whole, part)
    • feedback (internal, external, concurrent, delayed, knowledge of results, knowledge of performance)

Students learn to:

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