Assessment of skill and performance

Assessment of skill and performance2018-10-04T22:54:55+10:00

Assessment of skill and performance is important for monitoring progress and providing guidance for future training. Knowing the characteristics of skilled performers helps to guide the coach in skill assessment to ensure performance is moving towards mastery of the particular skill.

Assessment of skill and performance often uses objective and subjective measures to determine how well the skill or performance was executed. For HSC PDHPE it is important to know the difference between object and subjective performance measures as well as how reliability and validity of test increased their objectivity.

There are a number of sports that require particular criteria to be used to assess performance. However, even at the basic level, most people watch a performance with a particular bias and person expectations, which they use as criteria in judging a performance.

Finally, you are required to apply this knowledge and create your own subjective and objective performance measures, which you then evaluate.

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Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2011 Question 26

Justify a coach’s use of objective and subjective performance measures to appraise the performance of an athlete. Provide relevant examples. 8 Marks

2014 Question 28

How can the skill and performance attributes of athletes be validly and reliably appraised? 8 Marks

2015 Question 27

Why are both objective and subjective performance measures appropriate in the assessment of an athletic performance? 5 Marks