Psychological strategies to enhance motivation and manage anxiety

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There are many psychological strategies to enhance motivation and manage anxiety that athletes use. They are often done before competition to help the athlete release nerves and focus on the task they are about to perform. Psychological strategies to enhance motivation and manage anxiety can also be used within competition during moments of high pressure. Such moments include free throws in basketball, taking a penalty shot in football, or a conversion in rugby.

The strategies used by athletes include a range of concentration skills that help the athlete to focus on the competition. Athletes also use metal rehearsal of the skill before execution, and can use this during rehabilitation to reduce the loss of coordination that comes with siting on the side-line for extended periods of time. Relaxation techniques are also used to help calm nerves and develop body awareness. And goal-setting is frequently used before and during training programs in order to determine aims and check progress.

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • Research case studies of athletes from different sports and ascertain the nature of their motivation and the psychological strategies they employ.

Past HSC PDHPE exam questions

2010 Question 26

The following profiles describe two athletes and their sports.

Athlete A

  • Elite individual target sport athlete
  • Maintains a low heart rate and controlled breathing
  • Maintains intense focus and concentration
  • Considers a range of environmental factors
  • Spectators are kept quiet

Athlete B

  • Elite team/territorial sport athlete
  • High levels of physical exertion
  • Performs under pressure from opponents
  • Loud spectators and game commentary
  • Party-like atmosphere with music over public address system

Compare TWO psychological strategies that each of these athletes would employ to enhance motivation OR manage anxiety. 
 8 Marks

2013 Question 28

How can psychological strategies enhance motivation and manage anxiety in athletes? Include examples in your answer. 8 Marks