Examples of technology in sport

Examples of technology in sport

There are many examples of technology in sport, but I thought I would mention a few that you might wish to think about using as examples in your study.examples of technology in sport taekwondo

The first of our ex
amples of technology in sport is the sensor pad. Teakwood has introduced sensors to help make sure that every point is counted and none are missed by human error. Teakwood introduced these sensors in 2009 at their world cup. Such an advance is ethically sound and is using technology well to improve accuracy of the results, and is not focused on improving performance.

examples of technology in sport ZebraAnother example of technology in sport is the introduction of radio chips. The NFL have started using these to track player performance. These chips are small and provide information to within 15cm and even tell technologists which way the player is facing. This is a progression from GPS, which only track players with an error of 3m. The Zebra radio chip also allows loads to be calculated (monitor progress, manage fatigue and minimise risk of injury) which allows coaches better feedback for personalised training programmes. Of course this technology is not cheap and therefore provides an advantage to those who can afford it

The third of the examples of technology in sport is the change to steering wheels in Formula 1 cars. They have undergone many changes, and now look more like a controller for your X-Box or Play Station than an actual car. Everything has been modified so that the driver can reach everyt
hing with their thumbs. Changing gears is done with the thumb as are many other aspects of driving. These wheels can be custom made to suit the driver and their thumb size. This use of technology can of course be unethical, if drivers cannot afford the technology. It also requires a change in driving method as the driver moves into the higher levels of driving.

examples of technology in sport F1 wheelAnd how could a list of examples of technology in sport be complete without Hawk-Eye? Hawk-Eye is now used in cricket, tennis, and even NASCAR. Hawk-Eye has not only made sport calls more accurate, but also provided added viewing pleasure with their graphics being displayed across televisions everywhere.

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