6 08, 2018

Benefits and limitations of epidemiology

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Epidemiology has a number of benefits as well as some limitations in relation to measuring health status and informing health promotion. Epidemiology uses statistics to provide a snapshot of a populations diseases, illnesses and disability. This snapshot is then used by various people and groups to inform health promotion and guide research. Epidemiology's benefits include identifying areas [...]

20 06, 2018

Australia’s Health 2018 – A quick summary

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Australia's Health 2018 was released today and this article aims to give you a quick summary of this report. Firstly we expect our boys born last year to live to be 80.4 years old, while our girls get to live longer at 84.6 years. There is no surprise then that most of us rate our [...]

8 02, 2016

Useful Sports Medicine Sites

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This article today is to describe a couple of usefulSports Medicine sites and why I try to use them as much as possible when looking at Sports Medicine. Throughout my site I have tried to make sure that there are useful Sports Medicine links that can help you to extend your study, knowledge, understanding and application [...]