Health promotion approaches and strategies

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Health promotion approaches and strategies introduces the various methods used to promote health. The Preliminary PDHPE syllabus says that you need to learn about three approached and strategies for health promotion: lifestyle, preventative, and public health approaches.

These health promotion approaches and strategies vary in their effectiveness to address different types of health priorities. Often all three are combined in health promotion in order to achieve improvements in health. The first two you will be fairly familiar with, but the third is probably a new concept for many year 11 students. Public health approaches to health promotion are basically about improving the environment or context for people, so that their health improves. This flows straight out of the determinants of health.

The syllabus also states that you need to determine the effectiveness of such approaches. This means you need to asses and evaluate the health promotion approaches and strategies in order to determine if they make a difference in health or not. You will also be required, in this dot point, to come up with your own solutions to health issues relevant to young people. This should involve some creative thinking on your part, and hopefully stimulate you to take action around a particular health concern.

The Preliminary PDHPE syllabus states:

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • determine the effectiveness of a range of health promotion strategies relevant to young people, eg government interventions relating to alcohol consumption and young drivers
  • propose other actions that may improve the health of young people

Practice questions

Assess the effectiveness of one health promotion strategy aimed at young people. 4 marks

Evaluate the success of a health promotion strategy targeted at young people in NSW. 6 marks

How effective has the government health promotion “No-one thinks big of you” been? Justify your answer 6 marks