Australia’s Health 2018 – Domestic Violence

Australia’s Health 2018 – Domestic Violence

One aspect from this report that I really did not enjoy reading is the section on violence in homes, and particularly against women. 1 in 6 women experiences physical and/or sexual violence from their partner. Take a moment to think about that and look around your classroom. If you have 6 or more girls in that classroom, at least 1 will experience or has experienced this violence.

Australia’s Health in Brief states:

For women aged 25–44, family, domestic and sexual violence causes more illness, disability and premature death than any other risk factor.

With 8 women hospitalised and 1 murdered every day. Something must be done and done quickly. Can I encourage you to choose to study “injury” in depth? I would love for you to create advertisements, images, videos, blogs and more. If you are a person who has suffered or witnessed such assaults, can I encourage you to tell your story? Get it out there. If we keep hiding it, it will only continue. At the bottom of this post is a link to a Google Form that you can use to submit what you create (please only submit something you are happy to have shared).

You could even write an article or a letter or something that recommends health promotion initiatives around injury from domestic and other violence against women. Around the world, women are the most downtrodden and abused people group and they make up 50% of our population.

I want to see this end, but it will only end when a generation stands up and says enough. When the boys become men and stand for women’s rights and protection. When we punish such crimes appropriately and don’t give the boys a slap on the wrist because they have a swimming career or something similar.

I want the women in this world to be safe. I want my daughter to grow up and not be the victim of a violent and/or sexual assault. Will you take a stand? Here is an example of something you could take part in or use to begin your creation, or check out Destiny Rescue who focus on the trafficking of children (the majority of whom are girls), or even Collective Shout who oppose the sexualisation of women in our western society.

If you are experiencing domestic or family violence or know someone who is, call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) or visit

Google Form Link for your submission

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