The App was designed to provide you with convenient access to the flashcards that are also sold on this site as pdf documents. The App brings the flashcards more purpose and easier access.

Furthermore, with technology comes greater functionality. The App will keep track of the cards you know and those you do not. You can then choose to go through only the cards you know or the cards you don’t. Of course, you can also go through the cards in order of the syllabus or select random for more accurate testing. The choice of random will also mean that the cards you don’t know will come up more often than the ones you do, helping to increase your chances of learning the new or more difficult content.

In addition to the flashcards, I thought you might also like easy access to my YouTube playlists and a selection of key study articles, which I will continue to release throughout the HSC year. If you leave the notifications on, you will not miss any of these articles when shared.

Finally, the App is a social App. I have included forums for you to talk to each other. The aim of these is to widen your access to content, share good related news articles or other sites. You could share past paper answers and help each other by discussing difficult content. I am sure there will also be various teachers in there who might choose to help you as the year progresses.

While many Apps are free, this App has my flashcards included rather than as an in-App purchase.  These flashcards currently sell for $27.50 as a pdf on this site, which you would normally have to download, print and cut out before being able to use. This App provides the most up-to-date version of these flashcards as well as everything else for just $13.99, which provides you with more for less.

Check the App out by clicking the relevant image below or at the top of this page. I hope to chat with you on the inside.

Dan – Helping you succeed

Check out the App. It can be found in the App store or in Google Play. Click the image for more information.

Check out the App. It can be found in the App store or in Google Play. Click the image for more information.