This website and everything with it is an online virtual textbook, with written content, videos, study tips, worked examples, summaries, flashcards, and App and more designed to help PDHPE students to achieve great results in their HSC exam.

I (Dan Jackson) am an experienced HSC teacher passionate about helping students to achieve the best results they can in PDHPE. When I was doing my HSC I thought I was studying well, but for some reason, I was only achieving an average of 50% for my subjects by the half yearlies. One of my teachers then introduced me to using flashcards. My results increased to almost 90% for my trial exams. There are so many reasons why this worked and it is because they worked for me and because I know the research also says they work that I then decided to create these summaries and flashcards to help you to succeed in your HSC PDHPE exam/s as well.

As an experienced HSC teacher, I know the importance of making sure students grasp the basic content quickly so that they can then apply it in their exams. And I know how important it can be for students to achieve their best in this subject. It has such a clear application to life and also helps to ensure that you get the HSC result and post-school pathway that you want. From becoming a physiotherapist to running sports clinics, success in PDHPE is foundational.

So, I created quality summaries and flashcards of the HSC PDHPE content studied by the majority of PDHPE students – Health Priorities in Australia, Factors Affecting Performance, Sports Medicine and Improving Performance. These are the best study tool that I have created on this site and can easily be purchased here. I even went and put them into my App to allow easier access to the flashcards and allow you to track what you do and don’t know.

My summaries and flashcards are sold as downloadable and printable PDFs for $27.50 for a student version or $80 for a whole class in the teacher’s version. But you can have all these flashcards in your hand without printing and cutting by purchasing the App, which is just $13.99 in the App stores. The App also tracks the cards you get right or wrong and has a forum where you can chat with me, ask each other questions and where I can help you achieve better results.

I have never felt so confident walking out of an exam! I had the flashcards visualised in my head the entire exam! 100% recommend to any HSC student wanting success! – Dominique Isaac

The website is so amazing, clear and well layed out so it’s easy to understand! Helped me sooo much in the HSC honestly couldn’t recommend more!!!!! (I got a band 6 for my PDHPE HSC exam) – Carley Hennessy